Carrington Blake Enterprise is a division of the Carrington Blake Group, a company renowned for its innovative approach to business. Subsequently we successfully dominate the market when it comes to infrastructure, support and profitability.

If you are reading this, then you may be somebody that is looking to start their own business, or somebody that has just been made redundant, or maybe you have just graduated or retired or simply looking for a change in career or direction.

Regardless of your background, please accept our congratulations on taking a step nearer to change. The facts are that all successful businesses are based on good ideas, planning, support, drive, commitment and GREAT service delivery from the people that set them up.

If this sounds like you, we hope that you are attracted by some of the exciting opportunities and services Enterprise offers.

Online Business Opportunity
Quote Synergy: An internet business platform that enables users to find suppliers of services or goods that compete to win their business. It comprised of a number of grouped sites that work in synergy to offer services to their clients.
Start Up your Own Recruitment Business
Recruitment Partners: provides the infrastructure and the support your recruitment business needs. This business is soley owned by you and no shares of percentage are given to the enterprise group.
Earn While You Refer
Flexi Services: Offers consumers and business the opportunity to be part of a network of businesses providing discountable and quality services. Recommend Flex services and open yourself up to network and uncapped earning potential.